Challenge #259 – Speed Humour

Well I know they said they weren’t expecting perfection, but I’m sure they would prefer a project that didn’t have ink smears all over it. LOL! After thinking about what to make and laying out the idea so I could see if it would work, I gathered all my supplies, set out the timer and began. First I cut the frame a mixed edge rectangle set by Essentials. Then I cut my PP (a 6×6″ origami paper) to the correct size and glued it to the card front. I then glued the frame leaving the center piece ready for stamping. The larger sentiment was stamped on a scrap piece, heat embossed then cut and added underneath. So far so good and I am way ahead of my time schedule. Easy peasie, Ha – famous last words actually. So I stamped and heat embossed my dog and the small sentiment even remembering to use my eb buddy which I, oh so often, forget to use. I still managed to get powder where I didn’t want it and no time to fix properly. Still ahead of schedule and thinking this is going well … I managed to colour in the little dog and pizza slice using pencils and Sakura Glaze and I’m well within the time frame. Here is where it went wrong – I stamped 3 tiny hearts on one side of the pup and 2 more on the other side. Completely forgot to dry the ink, turned it over to add glue started to add it inside the frame and OMG, horrified to see I had smudged the ink. 1 minute left to go and I can’t get rid of the smudges so I stamped a few more hearts to try to cover it up. I also added 2 hearts to the bottom sentiment. 43 seconds left on the clock and I decided to leave well enough alone as, for sure, I would have ended up with rubbish had I tried to erase any marks. If the card isn’t humorous my efforts certainly are!

12 thoughts on “WeirDough!

  1. LOL…Johanna, reading your process in the timed challenge is as much fun as your card. That was a lot to do in under 10 minutes. The image is adorable and funny, too. I had to look for your ink smear. Not that noticeable at all.
    So much fun!

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    1. I always love reading your process when you do one of these speed challenges so I had fun writing mine. Glad you like my efforts.


  2. I love the story of your creation! Ah, the way things can conspire against us, especially when we rush! I hadn’t even noticed the smudging until I read about it. Great sentiment. Thanks for joining in with us at As You See It for the adrenaline-inspiring speed challenge.

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    1. Sometimes I think doing the story is almost more fun than making the card, but I do enjoy your challenges and find a speed challenge a lot of fun.


  3. What a cute, fun card Johanna. I loved reading about the process. With the puppy looking kind of sad I think the ink smears are perfect. Love that sentiment.

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  4. It’s a great card even with some smeared hearts, which really isn’t too bad and hadn’t been noticed until I went back and looked after reading your fun description. I’m figuring you went back and cleaned them up afterwards.

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  5. Oh, Johanna! I complete sympathize with your situation! I don’t know if you read my blog post, but I had to start all over again after some unforeseen catastrophes with my speed project this week, too! But your pizza-eating pup and that cute sentiment take all the focus off a few little ink smears and it is, after all, a speed challenge! Thanks for getting your adrenaline pumping at As You See It Challenges!

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