New Craft Room

As promised I have finally done some photographs of my new craft room and am uploading them so you can see the finished project. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but always something got in the way. As of today it is now fully completed as the ink storage boxes are now on the wall. We were waiting for a specific type of hinge and then our contractor was told they couldn’t get them. It required a slight rethink and then my hubby had the bright idea of using TV wall mounts. They work perfectly and I can push the inks flat against the wall or bring them forward for ease of use. It also keeps work surfaces cleaner.

Our contractor designed much of my room around my stuff and you can see that some drawers have another smaller draw within them. It makes it easy to store small stuff and my old wooden block stamps now have a proper place to live. He also created a block for several draws that has slits cut into it and this holds many of my magnet cards for dies. Makes it easier to find something although I still have to label them and put them into a more usable order. I’m working on this and also on colour coding my stamp sets, but it is certainly easier to have the dies standing so they are viewable at a glance.

Computer desk electronic up/down
My actual workspace
Die storage stand
Drawer within a drawer
Ink storage with lower unit partially pulled out
ink storage flush against wall
Wall storage and cutting station
Used to be a closet, now paper storage etc.
cutting and scoring station
Waste area. Easy to just sweep bits into straight from counter.
corner storage
another draw within a draw.

In the photos the walls look pink but they are actually a pale lavender colour and my flooring is a dark cork. Easy to clean up and my chairs roll smoothly on it too. In one photo you can see the ink container sitting behind the cutting plate but was installed on the wall today. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful space to work in and my window looks out onto the wild section of our garden and also to the neighbors house next door.

We’ve had some issues with thermostats in the house and some rewiring was required. This is now done, but the replacement thermostats are delayed so that area looks a bit messy on the wall. With one bathroom being renovated and an out of order kitchen life is a bit chaotic at times. No regrets about moving, but I shall be very glad when the upgrades are finished. It is tiresome to have workers around all the time and it is either feast or famine. No one for a week and then everyone at once. Makes it hard to plan sometimes. The dust is a huge issue and it affects my hubby as his lung problems flare up.

Hope you like my room and thanks for all the support.