Stand Tall

Its funny how one finds a stamp not used for a while and then get an idea of how to use it on a second card. In my previous post I needed an extra image for my safari circles and couldn’t find anything that would work, then I remembered the flamingo set and dug it out. Didn’t want to be bothered with masking although I probably would have had a nicer result had I masked off the birds. Also the slightly less than crisp images are deliberate as I thought it gave the illusion of feathers.

Coy Looks

I coloured in the beak and eyes and added the darker wing on top. Mounted onto a navy CS and I drew a silver edge too. Then found the closest pink card base to adhere the whole panel to. Not made for any particular reason but more just to play without having to think too much.

6 thoughts on “Stand Tall

  1. Nope – still in a brain fog at time of creating. Not sure my brain was capable of thinking at the time.


  2. Thanks Golda and Jan – I had fun playing around. Although being unwell wasn’t pleasant – it did give me time to sit in my craft room without having to rush to other things.


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