Mothers Day Love

I know it is early to be creating mother’s day cards but my two boarders asked me to do one each so they can mail them to Brazil. Lately the mail has been slow so I thought getting them done early would be better. Using a new die set from Spellbinders called Grand Cabinet 3D card, I cut the pieces in different card stocks. Then I set about decorating and assembling it.

MOM Vignette

This is my first attempt at this style of card and while it wasn’t difficult, it was very fiddly and took quite some time to do. I am thinking that the next one will be easier as I know what to expect. I used some pretty floral PP for the very back panel and then added a couple more layers. The card will normally hold 6 layers but I decided to only use 2 in the middle and the front and back as it allowed more space. I had the letters already cut from a Cheapo die I just bought. Added them to a plastic strip and glued it in front of the background panel. The next layer I added some stickers in a few places without obscuring the word and on the front mirror panel I added a 3D heart sticker in the bottom left corner. I also added some mirror card to the sides to cover up the tabs which I didn’t like sticking out. The whole thing folds flat and there is room to write a greeting on the back.

8 thoughts on “Mothers Day Love

  1. Thanks everyone I appreciate your stopping by. I like these vignette style cards. Kathy sent me a beauty for St. Paddies day so creating this one was a both a goal and a challenge.


  2. Wow…amazing card and so much detail…you are meeting new challenges. Off to check out your other posts…catching up.


  3. This is quite beautiful. It’s a type of card I look at and think is beautiful, but never want to try, as there’s not enough room to write. I’m all about the written message. 😉 I do love how yours looks and the card itself is the message.

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  4. I know what you mean about room to write, but in this case there is room, it is just on the back of the card. It folds flat so adding your own words is not that difficult. On the heart card I added some white card stock underneath so that a personal message can be written there easily.


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