Christmas Diorama

This came about because I messed up one layer of another diorama I had done a while ago and I didn’t want to waste the pieces I still had.

I used the Spellbinders Grand Cabinet 3D die set to get the various layers. I had a piece of glitter background that I had created a few days ago and wasn’t sure I liked but it worked here for the back portion of the card. I added various die cuts to each layer creating a winter scene. The dove was from another messed up die cut on glitter paper, that I didn’t want to waste so I hid the torn parts behind and brought part of the wing and the tail to the front. I added some bling here and there on each layer and more on the front. In R.L. it looks much more dynamic than on the photo and it is intended for my sister who I am sure will love it. I like making these cards but they take a lot of time and patience and for that reason I don’t do many.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Diorama

    1. You are right it is a lot of work and not something I want to do a lot of at anyone time. I’m trying to figure out how to use the die but with less layers and am working on this at the moment.


    1. Glad you like it. My hands certainly don’t appreciate the work that went into this. Arthritis flare up has made my right hand almost useless today and I’m sure it was aggravated by making this card. Only going to do this occasionally.

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  1. Don’t know about you, but I hate to throw stuff away and often hang onto something I’m not sure I like in an effort to reuse it somehow. This has worked well for this card and for a change, I like the result myself.

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  2. Wow, an amazing amount of work for you but the finished outcome is gorgeous. Love that your saved and reused bits and pieces that didn’t work with you other project.


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