Geometric Paper Piecing

The Modsquad challenge simply wouldn’t let go and even kept me wakeful thinking about how to do another card. I guess that means that the challenge is a truly good one and one of my stamp buddies has also done more than one …


Starting out with a cream CS I cut the geometric shape and with other CS I die cut several more so that I would have different colours to paper piece with. I adhered the frame to Black CS and began to fill in the spaces with various shades of brown and cream leaving a few black spaces. Taking the small word dies, of which there are 10 in the set, I cut out them out in a dark cream. When I laid them on top I realized that the dark cream didn’t show up well on all the browns so I carefully spread versamark on a few and then heat embossed in black. I added some nuvo christel glaze to the dark cream ones. Worked a treat although time consuming to do even with a trick of using purple tape to hold them together. I adhered the words down and was about to post the card when I realized I had forgotten the tag. After die cutting the smallest one I stamped the word hello in black and added a couple of black fallout pieces from another project. Then I added the dark brown wool to the top and tied a small bow. Finally my brain can let go of this challenge – lol.

14 thoughts on “Geometric Paper Piecing

  1. Thanks Gerry – I think I’m like Gayle as I couldn’t get this challenge out of my head. I also think others are having trouble with it as there aren’t many entries so far.


    1. Thanks Judy – Once I had done this card I could finally get the challenge out of my head. It really bothered me that I couldn’t create something vibrant with these colours. This one helped a lot on that score.


  2. I agree with everyone else that I’m loving the geometric design….and then there’s that darned tag! The tag looks great where you added it. Awesome card.

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  3. Totally agree with you about tags. To me they belong on packages not on cards although I have used them on occasion as an embellishment to something. They’ve worked for me that way but the one on this card almost got forgotten. I had already done my photo – was about to post when I remembered it needed one. The dilemma was meeting the challenge without detracting from what I had already done as it wasn’t in my initial design plan. I don’t think I’ve ever had a challenge that bothered me like this one did.

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