Gift Box

The DiesRus challenge is for anything Christmas and I needed a box for a card series I had made as a gift and decided to create one.

Anything Christmas

I had done 10 cards all different and many with layers so I needed a fairly decent size box and initially wasn’t sure how to go about it. A little bit of research and I found a link to a tutorial that I could follow: . Very good explanations and measurements. I literally just followed along pausing while I did the cutting etc. I had also seen an idea for using my HeroArts kit found here – and I incorporated that into my box. The box is the same on both sides so it took me quite a while to do. Die cutting panels, colouring them with Prisma pencils and adding the embellishments etc. over the past 2 days. I even die cut the pot bottoms in PP to make them look more realistic. For the sentiment on the roof section I used a word die I’ve forgotten the brand name of. The card set and envelopes fit perfectly inside and I’m really happy with the result.

8 thoughts on “Gift Box

  1. I sure hope they do as you are right it took a long time to pull together. Worth it but lots of hours and for once I didn’t try to rush as when I do I always make a mistake. Thanks Lisa.


  2. Your card box holder turned out beautifully. Those Hero Arts stamps make one gorgeous home. Off to check out your links. Well done, Johanna, your friends will love their gift.

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    1. Thanks Gayle. It took a long time but the result was worth it and my hubby keeps going to take another look at it. he thinks its really cool.


  3. Thanks Golda – I had a lot of fun creating this but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t found a good video on how to do the box. I can do a lot of things but have a lot of trouble working out dimensions for something. Having something to follow made it so much easier. The dies and stamps in the Hero Arts kit sure made things easier to create.


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