Care Package get well

Splitcoast stampers had a tutorial for a get well card care package that I thought very creative and I decided to try creating one along a similar vein. My hubby’s brother is unwell at the moment after a stem cell transplant and this is for him.

My version

I followed the tutorial found here: (, but made a few adjustments as I went along due to the different shaped items I picked to add to it. I added two types of chocolate goodies at the front and a package of Japanese tea for the back. Forgot to take photo of the back sorry. Also because I am hopeless at arithmetic and cannot think in numbers my sizing is not perfect. Added the sentiment from the GKD snow birds stamp and die set as it seemed more appropriate for someone experiencing cancer. I did add a get well sentiment on the back. Used some Simon Says and spellbinders feather dies too. It will go with another small gift that gives him something to do as he recuperates.

12 thoughts on “Care Package get well

  1. I sure hope he does. Right now he isn’t able to eat much as the treatment has affected his ability to swallow, but I figured as he improves a small treat may give pleasure.

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    1. Do you like Chocolate? I know you don’t each much sugar if any these days so I’m curious. Glad you like this.


    1. thanks – it wasn’t hard to do, but as I mentioned changing measurements is really hard for me to do. I adapted as I went.


    1. If I had seen this design during your treatments – you would have gotten one. I think it works for many who need cheering up a bit.

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  2. Such a sweet, thoughtful gift Johanna. I’m sure your BIL will appreciate it when he’s able to. I really like the changes you made to the original tutorial.

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    1. Glad you like it. I’m hopeless at anything that involves thinking in measurements or numbers so changing this was almost impossible. It doesn’t stand up at all due to the shape of items included but it works somehow.


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