I masked off the top third of the card and then stamped the first image using my crazy bird stamp set by Tim Holtz. I masked him and stamped another one and did it again until I had them as shown. I then coloured in the original using a combination of pencils and Sakura pens. As I didn’t have a sentiment I decided to create my own in CorelDraw which I then attached across the top of the birds. There is a drop shadow in the sentiment.

10 thoughts on “Masking

    1. Before I had rubber stamps or any idea of how to use them, I used a lot of clip art. Learned a lot about graphics so when I am stuck always go back to that program and create my own stuff. I think this is why I can fussy cut – I was doing it before all the tools that we have now were available.


  1. Great job on your masking! I love how the one colored bird really adds to the impression that it’s out in front of the others. I love your sentiment and the fact that you made it yourself, as well.

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  2. I like the crazy birds too. I have the larger version and the smaller ones along with the dies and have used them quite a lot.


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