Recycling scraps


I had been playing at making some water colour backgrounds on water colour paper and in cutting it up for a different project I had this frame left over. In making this piece I had used various stencils in different inks to get the look I needed at the time. Problem was the frame was bigger than my usual card size and the sides weren’t an even match. I also had the smaller piece you see in the center left but I didn’t need to do anything to this piece. I measured a card front 6″ x 4 1/4″ to fit the frame and then played with the frame to get the sides to match the top and bottom edges. Glued it to the card front. I measured where to place the center piece and glued that as well. The die cut poppies were left from another project but one stem was missing leaving a gap. I found this piece of teal (no shine or texture) ribbon and it fit the width exactly so I played with some stamps and added the 2 sentiments in white. It didn’t take very well so I went over it with a pen and prayed it would dry and stay on. Thankfully it did and I was able to glue this piece over the poppies to fit the gap. I will make an envelope to fit this card when I eventually give it to someone. And just so you know – it was an accident that the pattern from the frame fits the center panel. Luck played a role here.

14 thoughts on “Recycling scraps

    1. Sometimes I think I do better trying to use what is left on my desk than when I plan a card from start to finish.


    1. Just so you know I do not keep every piece of paper, but there are some things I can’t throw away. Eventually I find a way to use them.


    1. It started being a piece for another ocean type card. Not sure if I actually posted that one. Anyway there was enough left to try to do something else and this is the result. I think I used about 3 different stencils to get this.


  1. You make the most amazing cards whether you use scraps or not. I just seem to be able to create using up leftovers and I don’t plan it that way. I kind of like the cards that come together without my really thinking about it. I just play with pieces and shapes to see what happens.

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  2. Thanks Golda – I was truly happy when I managed to use up both these pieces and the leftover poppies.


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