Framed Fun

Challenge #226 – Frame It

Last week I was playing around with a sparkly tag and a scrap piece of inked background and wondering what I should create. On Pinterest I saw a card that had a hanging interior panel and I thought the tag would work as the interior panel. I cut a frame from the green card front and made a small hole at the fold line so I could thread the cord through easily. I already had the tiny skating mice coloured and cut on my desk so I added them at the bottom of the tag as if they were on ice and then created the village scene (MFT stamp set) behind them by stamping onto the inked piece. Once it was coloured and dry I glued it to the tag. I also added a white piece of shaped paper onto the back of the card so there is space to write a greeting. Once I had attached the tag and tied the bow, I realized the card wasn’t going to stand easily so I created a piece for the bottom that works similar to those calendar cards I’ve made in the past. I added some sparkly pieces to each corner for decoration and stamped and heat embossed the sentiment also from MFT. The tag swings freely and is easy to move aside for writing on the back panel. I set it aside thinking it may possibly work for an upcoming challenge and today I decided the Inkspirational challenge was perfect for this card.

12 thoughts on “Framed Fun

  1. Thanks Lisa, I’m surprised this worked as my process was so mixed up from not thinking it through properly. I ended up putting it together before I thought about the back panel and what should be on that. Its not so easy to add things once something is assembled.


  2. You are amazing at creating cards and setting them aside, then finding just the right challenge to use them for! This is a wonderful card and those skating mice are such fun. Beautiful work.

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