Slimline Best Wishes

Global Design Project #273 | Color Challenge

Another die from my Divinity Designs Xmas gift is featured on this card. I cut it from Navy CS and using inks, added some colour, picking out a flower design as I did so. Originally I was trying to make one card fit several challenges but my brain simply wasn’t feeling creative and with constant interruptions I ended up with this as my final result. It fits the colour challenge and that is all. I was supposed to be packing up a file cabinet, but wasn’t in the mood for that either. I’m not unhappy with this card, but I don’t really like it either. Note to self, stop working if creativity isn’t flowing.

The poinsettia and leaves are from a GKD set that came with matching dies. The sentiment is from a Joy Clair set I’ve only had a short time. I heat embossed the edges before adding more colour. I like that this card can be used for any occasion.

12 thoughts on “Slimline Best Wishes

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself my friend. It’s a lovely card. I really like the background with the pops of pink. The coloring on the poinsettias is very soft and pretty.

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  2. You have made me feel better, thanks so much. Too much going on today making it hard to be in my craft room, but I really wanted to get a couple of cards into challenges. Can you believe, I discovered that I had accidentally forgotten to pay bills last month? First time in forever when we have interest charges. Part of me has to laugh, the other part is really annoyed at my lapse. All paid now and tomorrow we sign all the papers for the new house so more money out the door. haha.


  3. Thanks – my hubby is pretty good at finding the right gifts for me. This kit was an unexpected gift rather than my asking for it. I think he must have seen me looking at it on the release day and took down the info on the sly.


  4. What!! Seriously, Johanna, very creative and that die is awesome! I love the illusion that it gives. Pretty poinsettia and fits the color challenge perfectly. Maybe you need a cupcake šŸ™‚

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  5. Johanna, I’m glad you’re liking this more than you were. It deserves to be liked. I’d be willing to bet if you added a touch of darker highlights on the leaves and flowers you’d be even happier with it. I find that if I don’t do highlights when I color it doesn’t look right to me. I absolutely love that background with the die and only some of the sections colored. Glad you’re taking a bit of time here and there to craft, while packing.

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  6. You are probably right but I was worried about the colour challenge and didn’t want to add more in case it changed the colour. Now its uploaded I can try your suggestion.

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