Hubby’s Birthday

Hero Arts Kit

It is my hubby’s birthday soon and I made this card for him. I followed a post from Jennifer McGuire to get the look I wanted. I’ve had the set for a long time and only used a small portion of it, but I remembered seeing the post and decided to give it a go. Initially I had begun another card altogether but although the colouring of the digi stamp worked how I wanted to add it to a card didn’t so I’ve set it aside and will likely use it differently down the road. As my hubby is an Aussie I thought surfing was a good idea and I’m really happy with how this turned out. Every thing used is from the kit except for the birds. They came from a different set but I can’t remember the name. I added some opal blaze to the surfer and the sun which you can just see on the photo. The surfer really shines in R.L. Once in a while I make a card I’m really proud of and this is one of those times.

10 thoughts on “Hubby’s Birthday

    1. He is going to love this and I also found a perfect gift for him in a local antique store. Got it home the other day and have hidden it for now.


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