Minimalist and Colour

Just Add Ink #589…Minimalist! & Global Design Project #329 | Color Challenge

Doing a minimalist type card is certainly challenging and my brain wouldn’t let this one go. Out and about on errands today it came to me that this design might work and that it would also fit into the Global Design as my second try as well. I cut the flower design 3 times once in each colour. The pink looks a bit darker in the photo but is actually a pretty close match to the swatch. I think I’m going to have to add a small light to the shelf which I use for my photos as it seems there is a shadow at times. I decided to carry on with my current scoring trend and did the scoring mostly using the debossed side although the top border is embossed. The scoring tool slipped and rather than scrap the CS I decided to add a small glitter strip to cover up the error and I matched it at the top. Not sure I did the right thing but too late now. I glued the flowers as you can see and added the sentiment at the bottom. It came from my Joy Clair set that I seem to be using a lot lately. I’m not unhappy with this card but wish that I had started over with the scoring. I’m a bit tired from all the errands and my hands are sore which no doubt is why the tool slipped. I just realized I missed the deadline for Just Add Ink – sigh!

6 thoughts on “Minimalist and Colour

  1. Love the design and your embossed lines create a great frame for your card. Sorry you missed the deadline for the minimalist challenge but the colors are perfect for your color challenge.

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  2. Johanna, this is a great card! I love the embossing trend you’re on. It adds a fun element. The glitter strips are a great “frame,” we wouldn’t know there was a slip without you saying something. Those are beautiful flowers, as well.

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  3. Thanks Golda – I forgot I had this little die until I started to sort out my craft room. Found a few things I had forgotten about actually.

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