Love for Mom

SOS469 – What a Difference You’ve Made in my Life & May SPRING Challenge

Both of these challenges refer to Mothers Day and while my own mother made a massive difference in my life, she is now deceased as is my Mom in Law. With that said there isn’t usually a reason for me to make a Mom’s Day card, but this year I have a good reason. Our contractor employs a female carpenter who has seen some of my card making when she’s been here. She recently asked me if I ever made cards for sale, to which I replied that in general, I don’t, but if she would like a card made I would be happy to do it for her. This is the card I made for her and it seems to fit both these challenges so I’m posting it.

The die used is an unbranded die purchased through Amazon and is quite intricate. I added some glitter CS behind the die cut panel. This panel is slightly larger than our standard sizes so I cut the card base accordingly. I love the deep colour of the CS but have no idea where I got that piece from. Using the Tim Holtz/Sissix set of dies called Tiny Tattered Floral, I die cut different sizes of CS for the flowers. I made enough to decorate a box for the card, shown in next photo.

Box for the card

The very tiny flowers on the card were not made by me but came from a small bought package I’ve had for some time. They are a paper flower with a rolled center. The word is a die cut from MFT and was done in silver. I have to say making a display box is not my forte, but I managed without making a huge mess of it. I’ve also since learned a hack to make the flowers stay rolled the way I want them as using a quilling tool means they can be quite loose. At the time I didn’t know this hack so my flowers didn’t quite stay as I wanted them once off the quilling tool. After attending a local gallery that was showing a small exhibition of quilled art, and where the artist was doing a demonstration, she mentioned that she dips her finished pieces into a mixture of Modge Podge and water, as when dry, this stiffens the piece. I shall be trying this in the future. Our carpenter was thrilled and insisted she should be paying for the card. I wouldn’t let her, but she did do a small extra chore in the house at no cost so I guess we are even. Have a great day everyone.

20 thoughts on “Love for Mom

  1. Pretty card and box! I like the flowers you added. I do not make Mothers Day cards either. I have unused Mother stamps as both mothers have passes. Now, if my daughters wanted to, they are welcome to use anything in my craft room. They often need a bit of a nudge from my husband to get in gear and think about their mother. They never realize there is a special day till it is over. I live and do not worry about it.

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    1. Thanks Lisa – I’m with you as I don’t stress if something is missed unless its my birthday. For some reason that is important to me and as long as my hubby remembers I’m happy.


  2. Gorgeous card. The die with the glittery background is really stunning. The flowers turned out lovely. Great idea dipping them in a mod podge/water mixture.

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  3. I love that you each traded your craft! The card and the box are beautiful. The Mod Podge dipping is a good idea. The glitter background is a wonderful touch for this.

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    1. Thanks Golda – I agree about the glitter background. With a CS as dark as this one was (it is a purple that can look brown in some lights) it needed something bright behind it.


  4. Beautiful card and card box, Johanna. Your heart background die is exquisite and decorate box for the card is an added surprise for the recipient. Sweet of you to make a card for your carpenter. I make mother’s day cards for my daughter and daughter in law.

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    1. Thanks Gayle – with the card being bigger than standard and with the flowers on the front, a box was the only way to go really. I’m not good at making them though.


  5. How fun to be asked to create a card!! Way to go shopping your stash…those little flowers are perfect for a card! Thanks for playing along with our “What a difference you made” challenge over at SOS!!


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