Miss You

Challenge #30 – Emboss

When making this card I forgot to measure so I suspect it is a bit more than 1/3 in size. That said I’m uploading it anyway. I had the embossed piece left over from a trial run at using only part of the folder which is a 6″ X 6″ size. I also had the glitter foam hearts on my desk, given to me by my friends 5 year old daughter Scarlett when we saw them last. They may come for a visit this weekend so I shall give the card to her if they come. She is a very artistic and articulate little girl, and her sister is a tomboy. Although they live on the island it isn’t close so means a bit of trek to see them. Hopefully if they do come, Ellie her sister won’t destroy my fairy garden as she is a child who is likely to stomp through it just to see what happens. I’ll need to keep eyes on her for sure as her parents don’t really use decent discipline. Instead they try bribery and to me that isn’t effective. Sentiment is from a new set by Hampton Art. Thanks for looking.

10 thoughts on “Miss You

  1. Turned out great. Looks like a third to me. The glitter hearts really highlight the embossed panel. Your little friend will be thrilled that you used her hearts for a special card

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    1. Thanks Gayle. I packed up some unwanted supplies and paper scraps to give these kids the last time we went down to visit them. They were both thrilled but Scarlett especially. Elli is a handful but cute with it.

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  2. Looks like the third to me also. Protect your fairy garden!! Possibly place a fence around the area. Even cinder blocks so something heavy over a protective cover like a tarp or even trash bags to protect it from the stomping little girl. Lovely card!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. For sure we will protect the fairy garden from the tomboy. She isn’t malicious just a very active kid who doesn’t listen well.

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