Dragonfly Hours


When I purchased this Joy Clair stamp set all I really wanted was the clock stamp in the set and that I’ve used a few times. The rest of the set hasn’t really been inked until today. The Paper Dragonfly challenge is all about time and I realized that I could do something a bit different if I used the hourglass stamp so I set about crafting. Initially I planned to do the main image and sentiment on Vellum, but the sentiment came out blurred so instead I fussy cut the hour glass once the heat embossing had cooled. There was enough ink to be able to glue it without making a mess which is what I eventually did. Searching online I found the dragonfly background paper and this was printed onto some subtle shimmer paper and cut to the size I needed for the front. I re-stamped, and embossed the sentiment onto the same paper and added it as shown. Then the hourglass was added, note the vellum is a yellow gold colour which I thought added something a bit different. I have a lovely brass hourglass ornament and this stamped image reminds me of it. I fussy cut one of the smaller dragonflies and added some black sparkle to the wing edges and the body before gluing it using some tiny pop up bits to hold the wings in place. Although it isn’t what I originally thought it would be, I am pleased with the end result. Thanks for spending time with me today.

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