Challenge #286 – Boo! & Anything Goes Embossing With A Twist of PUMPKINS
… is always FIREWORKS

As most of my friends know, Halloween isn’t my favourite season so this card isn’t about Halloween but is an anniversary card. Filling in the blank at the As You See It challenge is easy though, because filling in the blank for me would be fireworks. Yes they are pretty and if going off at a professional event I quite enjoy them, but the ones at local home parties scare the heck out of me. This year the fear is made worse by the fact that everything is so dry so a mistake has the potential to create disaster. As well, when still a teenager, local kids threw firecrackers at me and I guess I’ve never quite gotten over it. As this card is using embossing in the design I decided to add it to the challenge at CYHTH even though I didn’t add the optional twist of pumpkins. I may use the other half of the layer to add pumpkins as a second entry into that challenge.

My card has been created with fireworks in mind and I used a Gemini folder to emboss the design and then cut the piece in half. I used small sponges to add some colour and a gold glitter pen too. The sentiment is from an MFT Itty Bitty Basics set and I curved it on the block so it would follow the embossed curve. I thought fireworks were a nice way to celebrate an anniversary as well as any other celebration. Embellishments are from my stash. Thanks for spending some time with me and have a lovely Sunday!

20 thoughts on “Fireworks

    1. Thanks Lisa – I don’t mind them at professional events where they are controlled but around here they scare me. In fact some municipalities are banning them due to the conditions.


  1. Pretty anniversary card, and the fireworks make it so festive. The black and orange base and mat keep it “halloweenish” enough for the challenge without having a Halloween feel at all! Clever. Sorry you had such a scary experience with fireworks.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts Lisa. Growing up in the U.K. meant Guy Fawkes was the firework night. Many kids thought it was fun to throw firecrackers at people or use them to be cruel to an animal. As you can imagine it was hateful and scary.


  2. I can totally see why fireworks is on your phobia list! I feel the same, living here in desert dry Arizona, lol. What a fun way to adapt our challenge! Thanks so much for playing at As You See It!

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    1. It is interesting to note how many others feel much the same about fireworks. Glad you like my card and thanks for saying so.


  3. I can completely understand your spooky aversion to fireworks at this time of year – in the wrong hands they can be so dangerous! The best place for them is on a card – and they are a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary. Love the delicate sponged colour detail too! Thanks for playing along with us over at As You See It this week!

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate them and enjoy the challenges when I am able to participate.


  4. We had amateur fireworks popping all over the place around here on Halloween and it was scary with our drought conditions. Luckily, all was well, but I understand your concerns! This card turned out beautifully, though. I like the way you coloured the embossed fireworks. Thanks for filling in our blank at As You See It Challenges!

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  5. I quite agree that backyard fireworks are scary, especially when things are so very dry. We don’t have Halloween but we do have Guy Fawkes so this week is full of fireworks and there’s already been one large fire leading to the evacuation of many homes and a horse farm. I like your softening of the fireworks for your pretty anniversary card. Thank you for joining in with us at As You See It.


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