Stenciled Hugs

Color Hues #52- Turquoise and Mustard

Color Hues uses Turquoise and Mustard for their challenge colours this week. I decided to try out a new Distress Mica Stain for the Turquoise so I reached for a stencil and sprayed through it. I wasn’t totally happy with the results as I got a few blobs in places so I cut it down and added the layer to black sparkle layer. I also added a bit more colour with a brush and used Distress Oxide Mustard Seed for the yellow flower centers. Using an MFT word die set I chose the Hugs and die cut it first in white, which I then sprayed with the mica stain and then again in Mustard using a paint swatch. It is actually more of a Mustard colour than the ink. Once the mica spray had dried I added the Turquoise layer to the Mustard layer offsetting slightly. Then I staggered the letters as you see in the photo. Added a few Turquoise embellishments here and there to finish the card. I like the Mica stain a lot and have two other colours I can try. One is red and the other green, however the green one will not spray so I have to find out how to get an exchange. Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

14 thoughts on “Stenciled Hugs

    1. I chuckled at your spraying comment! A long time ago I bought a small spray tent that folds flat when not in use. It is great for stuff like this. Glad you like this card – I like the colour of this particular stain. They call it Shiny Bauble and it is a perfect Turquoise.


    1. Thanks Lisa – I like the 2 colours together but I especially like the Turquoise. I realized after using the spray a bit more that I need to depress the top a bit better. It worked well the next time I tried. On days when my hands aren’t good, using sprays are more challenging.


  1. Your stenciled panel looks great and you made that color combination work. I haven’t tried Mica stains. Hope you get a refund on your defective bottle.

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  2. Thanks. I was wondering how the combination would look myself but I like it. I’m fond of the colour Turquoise and this spray makes it really pop. Contacted SSS about the defective one, most likely they will replace it. They’ve been good in the past when something hasn’t been in good condition.


    1. Thanks for the comment and suggestion regarding the spray bottle. SSS suggested soaking the nozzle in hot water and I tried it successfully. It helped with another spray nozzle as well so for now all good.


  3. I love your card and the fun textured look you got. Offsetting the letters adds a layer of fun, too.
    I think a lot of the “sprays” we get really shouldn’t be sprays, as the bottles either don’t work to begin with, or stop after the first time or two of use, even with cleaning immediately. Hope you are able to get a replacement.

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  4. Thanks Golda. I agree with you about sprays as they often seem to fail. The dollar store ones are the worst though. Anyway I soaked the nozzles in very hot water for about 10 minutes and it did the trick so all good for now.


  5. Your stenciling looks great. The strip on the side is the perfect amount to add color and interest while leaving a nice clean area for your greeting. (The blobs you got didn’t stop you at all – lol!)


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