Spring has sprung

The colour week at JUG’s had a background example that I liked and tried to emulate in a small way, but with, in my opinion, disastrous results. I tried twice but didn’t like either and this card ended up as a combination of them both due to my inability to throw things away.

When I inked up the colours initially, I forgot to mask off and ended up with a green stripe down the middle where the colours blended. To hide this I added the black stripe. As I wanted to use this particular rabbit/hare stamp from Lavinia Stamps I tried stamping over the black piece and failed. I did heat emboss it and deliberately left some of the powder as it fell, but was very unhappy with the result. So back to the drawing board and I did another background, masking off each section so the colours wouldn’t blend. I then stamped the image again and still wasn’t happy. I set them both aside and made another card for the challenge which I shall post after this one. Then I left my craft room and went onto other things leaving everything until today. When I came back to my craft room I had the idea of cutting out the rabbit on the second piece and gluing him over the top of the one on the original try. I added some grasses at the bottom and using an old stamp from an Easter set by GKD/Clair Brennan I did the sentiment.

Although I wouldn’t call this one of my best efforts, I’m a lot happier with it than I was and it certainly isn’t my worst card ever either. Thanks for stopping by.

14 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. What we see as failures initially sometimes turn out to be useful – in some way or another. I tend to walk away when I get frustrated with something too. Loving the distressed background on the two colours. xx

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    1. Thanks Lynda. I often find that a card I don’t like at the time of making, if left for a day or two, becomes something I like. To get that background I just swiped the ink pads down the CS.

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  2. Glad you tried to save it. You put a lot of work into it. I like the sentiment. That is a favorite of my sets that I usually pull out each spring.

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    1. In the end I quite like it, but it took leaving it for a few hours for me to figure out how to use the 2 poorly done pieces.


  3. Johanna… there are no disasters in cardmaking! Your card drew my eye immediately… and I wondered how you accomplished it. Love the stamp and I would have persisted as well. I think your card is funky and fun, and would be thrilled to receive it in the mail. Thank you so much for joining and sharing at Just Us Girls this week!

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    1. Thanks Gayle. It took me a while to like this one, but now it has grown on me. It is certainly different.


  4. Love your inked background; cool technique with the two different colors divided that way. And stamping and cutting your bunny from a different panel worked out great! I think this came out very nice.

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  5. Glad you like it Lisa. Walking away was a good decision as the next day the idea of using the 2nd piece and cutting out the rabbit popped into my head.


  6. I think this is really cool. If it was a combination of things you considered “disastrous”, I’m thinking they weren’t as bad as you thought. Maybe not what you had imagined, but this is cool.


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