Love in a Jar

I’ve had this stamp set for ages and never really tried to use it until now, except for the XO stamp. Of course I managed to get ink where I didn’t want it – managed to get the edge of the block in the ink so it created a few unwanted lines before I realized.

I think I covered them up reasonably well using the XO stamp and some light gray ink. I have absolutely no idea how I acquired this stamp set or who made it but most likely purchased it in Homesense on sale.

6 thoughts on “Love in a Jar

  1. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I am trying hard to complete 3 sets of 6 cards each to give to my friends when visiting them next month. Have managed one complete set all same theme and am now doing the others although these will be all different cards for each. It is fun but time consuming and as they both have grandkids the cuteness is for them.


  2. Fun card and looks like you did a great job covering ups any of your lines. Love the idea that you are making card sets for friends. They will love your gift from the heart.

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  3. You are so good for my ego. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my recent uploads and for taking the time to view and say something.


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