Second Cute CAS

Using the same idea as previous card and the Simon Says Birthday celebration set I created another cute card. Well it’s cute to me anyway.

I’ve used this stamp set a few times and always enjoy colouring it. This time I used some gel pens to colour the hat and of course they are juicy enough to spatter a little. Hence all the little dots. It’s the only way I could think of to disguise an unintentional spot. I did wait until the hat was dry before continuing with the rest as I knew I would smudge the entire thing if I didn’t. Used my pencils but this time I blended with the special pencil that came with the set. Worked great. Added some nuvo crystal glace to the balloons for dimension/shine and a few small stars around the sentiment.

4 thoughts on “Second Cute CAS

  1. Sometimes an accidental spot can be the nucleus for creativity. that is what happened here. So glad you like my latest efforts and I so appreciate your taking time to tell me.


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