Bokeh Colour

My wonderful stampin buddy sent me a new stencil for making circles and I decided to use it to do the bokeh technique which I’ve not done for a while. After first using colour burst powders to create the background and loving the result of that I spent some time drying the piece so I could add the effect.

I found drying it on both sides with my heat tool prevented it from curling too much. As I’m impatient and can’t wait for something overnight, I immediately began adding the circles using white pigment ink. I just love how it turned out but it still needed something. I had the tiny butterflies (puffy ones) sitting around in a tray from ages ago and I added them. I deliberately didn’t want anything to stand out too much from the background so these work just fine to me. I mounted it onto some sparkly background CS and then onto the purple Card front. Added the sentiment strip on an angle and added some dots to the front so it wouldn’t be a stark white. There are speckles in the background so I thought tiny dots would mimic that a little.

9 thoughts on “Bokeh Colour

    1. Thanks Gayle. I just did another background that is quite stunning too. Haven’t used it yet but hubby is interested in making a photo of it first as he thinks it would be great as a texture background in a photo. It is fun to play with colour burst powders as each one is so different.


    1. Thanks so much Golda. I am having fun making these backgrounds as each one becomes something completely different and they are so pretty.


    1. Decided to take a leaf out of your book and play with colour bursts and backgrounds. It sure is fun to see what happens. Latest one is on my desk but can’t use it yet as hubby wants to take a photo so he can use it as a texture in his photography. I want to cut this one up as I have an idea but until he takes his shot I can’t.

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  1. You are the best Jan. Hope all is well with you and Noel? Have you done any cards lately – I’ve been lax in commenting on some of the recent uploads on our stampin buddies site. Have to get back into checking it properly.


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