Star Bright

Another card for the Global Design Project. Originally I had cut a star out of some pearlized vellum but then I added a sentiment and messed it up with the heat embossing. Didn’t want to waste it so it sat on my desk for a couple of days while I did other things.

Global Design

In die cutting some snowflakes I had the bright idea of using one to cover up the middle that was damaged but it didn’t quite do the job. In the end after some thought I figured I could die cut more stars and put them together. I used the same vellum and another printed one I’ve had for a long time and glued them together. I then added the die cut snowflake to the middle. I cut some more of the purple patterned paper for the background layer and added the star on top. I silver heat embossed the sentiment at bottom of card front. Both CS and sentiment are GKD. I actually like how this turned out. From a mess to pretty is great in my book.

10 thoughts on “Star Bright

    1. Thanks Jan. I am amazed at what happens when I refuse the throw something away. That vellum is lovely and I got it from SS.


    1. I occasionally and more often than I’d like really screw up the heat embossing. Thanks for spending time with me.


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