Using more Left Overs

So I did finish a couple of Christmas designs today, not for any challenge but just using up some additional scraps.

woven strips

Yesterday I messed up a card base and I could only rescue this small square. I also had all these small strips of glitter paper and a bit of gold that, to me, were just too pretty to throw away. I had the bright idea of weaving them together randomly. I attached the result to a bit of left over pp and cut the excess off the edges. Then I attached that to the card front. Using another scrap piece I stamped the sentiment (KaiserKraft set) and added the snowflakes (doubled 2) at the side. Added a bling center and then adhered to the card front center. It worked better than I expected and I used up most of my odd bits too. I did another one as well but much smaller weave and a quite different look.

2nd card

8 thoughts on “Using more Left Overs

  1. Great way to use those scraps. I really like the weave on the first card over the patterned paper. The sentiment and snowflake really complete this one. The snowman is quite cute, too!

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  2. Thanks Gayle – sometimes doing something really fiddly pays off. Initially, I honestly had no idea if the idea would work or what I would do with the weave once finished.


  3. The one word that comes to mind looking at these is “happy”. I especially like the glittery weave on pp. Who wouldn’t love that cute little snowman??

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  4. thanks Golda – I hate to throw away the strips we are left with but eventually they are either used or ditched. Weaving them meant using most of the left overs.

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