Earlier today I couldn’t think of a design for a red and white card, but after an afternoon appointment I guess my mind was working in the background as I remembered this die (the first one I ever bought) and decided to use it.

Red & White only

I cut a test piece out of some red paper and then completely messed up the gluing part so I had to cut another one. I found this darker red piece of card stock thinking cs would be easier to glue than paper. It was but I still had glue where I didn’t want it and tried to remove it with a soft eraser. It kind of worked but I wasn’t happy with it so I ended up covering the the space with a perlen pen. That worked but I couldn’t get really smooth lines. Added a few pearls here and there and then the sentiment. Sentiment from a Simon Says set. Did it in both red and white. I can’t say I’m totally happy with this card but it isn’t a complete disaster so I’m keeping it.

10 thoughts on “Swirls

    1. I just walked back into my craft space and this card is still sitting on the cabinet very prominently. I like it more now after seeing it from a distance. Glad you like it. I have the positive parts still and may add another card to the challenge using those.


  1. Thanks Bonnie. Due to a good friend having a catastrophic stroke on Friday, I’ve been in a weird head space since the weekend. As a consequence my latest cards are not my best work at the moment.

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  2. I really like the look of the perlen pen, as it looks like pearl. With the pearls added on, it’s perfect. Definitely one you can share. It was smart to use the die cut out for the white, as it’s pretty and adds texture, too.

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    1. Thanks Judy – Sometimes I think when we salvage a card we think isn’t good, we end up with something better. Glad you like this. I used the positives in another card so no waste at all.


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