Two Tone Reds

For this card I used the positives of the die cuts from yesterday. I decided to use the 2 reds on one card.

More Red and white

I added some white pearls and coloured some tiny ones red for added interest. Added the sentiment and it was done. Hardest part was the gluing. The florish ends go all over the place and positioning it properly was a challenge.

10 thoughts on “Two Tone Reds

  1. Thanks. I’m into using everything I have lying around and didn’t want to accidentally tear these if I stored them.


  2. Thanks Judy. I couldn’t sleep properly last night as I was thinking too much. I had the idea that I may be able to colour the white pearls so I tried it and it worked. Believe it or not I almost got up to come to my craft room to work, but persuaded myself not to. Now I’m cranky and will probably fall asleep as soon as I sit to watch some TV. I know you can relate as you’ve told me you often work in the middle of the night.

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  3. I love that you used the two different reds together. As different as they are, they work together. I also love that you used the pieces. I have so many pieces sitting around that I forget to use.
    I hope you get better sleep tonight, too.

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  4. You should get a good nights sleep with this finished card. Love the flourish and the combination of the two reds. It’s such a crisp and clean looking card.

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