Rainbow stripes

 CASE the Designer

First I used a die that makes stripes out of a scrap piece so that I could use it as a stencil. I proceeded to ink each stripe in the rainbow colours. Then I cut down the result to make a tidy and smaller panel. My inking left a lot to be desired on the edges. A dear friend had given me a small kit last year that included punch out words. I decided to use them as shown just because I like the words. Added the two hearts left over from another project. Adhered this all to some sparkle card stock and then onto the card front. Added a strip of bling at the bottom.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow stripes

  1. Great card Johanna! I like your stripes in rainbow colors with the fun words in between. It’s so frustrating when stenciling, as if you don’t press hard enough, it misses areas, but if you press too hard, you get color underneath. I do like the look of yours, especially with it on the sparkly paper. Sparkly paper is one of those amazing things that adds to just about everything. This is definitely going to encourage whoever you send it to.

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  2. Thanks Golda. Stenciling is bit hit and miss for me as in general I seem to get ink where I don’t want it. This one wasn’t too bad but the edges were not pretty so I cut it down to make it neat.


    1. Johanna, I just heard something online I thought was interesting. Apparently, if you use a blending tool with stencils, it doesn’t get the edges very well. But, if you use a brush with a stencil, it gets much closer to the edges. I’m going to have to try that. I’ve used both with stencils, but never the same stencil at the same time.

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