Hoppy Birthday


This is the first card I’ve done in a few day due to several reasons, one being busy with our boat and the other a lack of motivation. In my recent order from MFT this cute little stamp was included as a freebie and I bought the die that goes with it. Tried to create some movement in my stamping but I really need to practice the technique a bit more. I coloured it with pencils and added the BOING by hand. Followed the sketch using some gift wrap left over from a long time ago, stamped and cut out the sentiment to go at the top and added some metallic copper to the edges as it matched the copper layer. Added a few gems at the bottom and called it finished.

11 thoughts on “Hoppy Birthday

    1. I keep odd bits of wrapping paper if it is interesting, as on occasion it works for a card. Forgot I had this one but found it the other day. Works great for a giraffe or other jungle critter.


    1. Haven’t really been in a creative mood for the past week, but my mojo is coming back. Glad you like this.


  1. Super cute and glad that you came back to create this Boing-ing fun card. Love the wrapping paper layer and that giraffe on the pogo stick is adorable.

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  2. Thanks Gayle. We had the boat hauled for bottom painting and the yard damaged the side when lifting it. You can imagine the language used when my hubby saw it and honestly he rarely uses curses and swearing. Anyway due to that and poor weather it was out of the water 3 days longer than it should have been. Kept us busy but it is usuable again and we hope to go out on the water close to month end. D still has his online course so we wait until that is finished before taking off.


    1. So frustrating. Shoot me an email when you take off so I don’t worry about you! Hopefully you and Derek will experience some smooth sailing soon.

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