Pet Sympathy cards

One of my friends was complaining about not being able to find good pet sympathy cards and suggested to me that I make a bunch and sell them to stores. Its a flattering suggestion, but not one I’m about to actually do, as I’m not wishing to making my hobby into a business. That said, I thought it would be nice to make her a few she can keep on hand for a future occasion she may require one. She is a huge dog lover and has two of her own. One hopes not to need sympathy cards, but the reality is that we all need them sometimes.

I used a small SSS stamp set to make these along with two Crazy Dog images from Tim Holtz. The middle card has a space left for the pet’s name to be written in and is my take on something seen on Pinterest. I added a sticky note so she knows to add the pet name. PP is from a Recollections collection I’ve had a long time. They all have a sentiment inside with a bit of decoration too. These are the first cards I’ve made for almost a month. Had fun doing them.

12 thoughts on “Pet Sympathy cards

  1. Thanks so much Lisa. I try to have a few different style cards on hand but most are birthday cards or thank you ones.


  2. Thanks Gerry – I’m sure she will like them and she is always complimentary about cards I make. My friends make great cheer leaders along with all of you stampin buddies.

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  3. I’m so glad you had fun doing them. They are wonderful and I’m sure your friend will appreciate them. It’s so difficult to lose the furry parts of our family and sending a card is a great idea.

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  4. I know exactly what you mean. I still miss our last dog and this one just turned 3 so that is how long she has been gone.
    Glad you like my effort and thanks for commenting.

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