Various Christmas

Card #1
Card #2
Card #3

Having seen several cards shaped like these on Pinterest, I decided to try my own version. The first one I stamped and coloured (both sides exactly the same) and the next 2 I did using decoupage. My cousin had brought me the printed images some time in the past and I had only used one of two of them. Found the rest yesterday in a file and decided to use a few more. Takes time to cut out the pieces and decide what should be popped up into the 3D effect and I only have patience to do a few at a time. The stamped card is my favorite of the 3 while the second card, but first attempt at the decoupage, I almost ruined because I put the panels on to the stand upside down. Rather than take them off and start over I cut the stand in half and glued the top part together so it isn’t as straight as it should be. The camera picks up the imperfections that the naked eye tends not to notice. On the last one I used a die cut snowflake piece that I didn’t use on another design and I only added to the one side of the stand.

10 thoughts on “Various Christmas

  1. These look quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like them before, either. You did a great job with them. Sometimes time consuming turns out wonderful, even if it can only be done occasionally.

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    1. Thanks – The easiest one is the stamped design. The decoupage take a lot of fussy cutting although the result is usually fun.


  2. Can’t take the credit for the initial design as I saw something similar on Pinterest but its fun to do something a bit different.


  3. What an interesting card design! You find the best fun folds, Johanna. All turned out great but card 3 with the snowflake die cuts and that image is awesome. I’m thinking that these can be turned into bookmarks.

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  4. I guess you could say that my metier is fun folds as I love experimenting with them. This design isn’t hard to do and if you are just doing stamping its actually easy. Decoupage is a lot of fussy cutting and I love the results but get a bit tired of the cutting. I guess that is why I don’t do it often. I wonder if I could turn the images into SVG files and cut them on a machine? Something to think about.


  5. These are all beautiful. I think the cute little snowman is my favorite, but then again, they’re all my favorite. I had made one like this a couple years ago so now you inspired me to make some again.

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