Circles in 10 minutes

Challenge #241 – Speedy Scraps & a New Look

Yesterday after finishing the butterfly card – I laid out all the small circles I had on my desk to see how I might use them. Some came from the center of the Mandala cards and the one with the butterfly was from yesterdays card. I left them there and then this morning started looking at challenge blogs to see what was coming up. When I came upon the As you See It challenge I thought maybe it had been put there with me in mind. I gathered up a card front, scored and folded it ready and then began. Clock is ticking but I’ve already got an idea in mind so it was a matter of placement and gluing. The hardest part was choosing a sentiment and I went with one of the scripty greetings by GKD. I messed up the stamping and almost freaked as now I’m down to the wire with time. In the nick of time I managed to go over the poorly stamped words with a Sakura Glaze pen that was used to add the body of the butterfly. Had just enough time to add the bling. Not a perfect card but at least a finished one in the time allotment.

16 thoughts on “Circles in 10 minutes

  1. A perfect way to use up your scraps before they even made it into the scrap bin to languish – you made me chuckle with your race against the clock though – 10 minutes really isn’t long, especially if there is a stamping mishap. Well rescued though Johanna – it adds to the hand crafted charm! Thanks for sharing with us over at As You See It this week and taking on the scrap bin speed challenge!

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  2. Happy New Year to you! I really love this circle layout – and how funny that things just fell into place for you. If you’d not mentioned a wee mix up, I’d never have known. Just proves that there’s no such thing as mistakes, just new creative opportunity! 🙂
    Thank you for joining in with us at As You See It again and for tackling the adrenalin rush of the speed challenge.

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  3. One of my good friends and stamping buddy loves your speed challenges. I decided I needed to get in on the act more often. Thanks


  4. Isn’t is serendipitous that you came upon our scrap bin speed challenge, just as you were sitting there with all these left over circles in front of you, before they even made it into your scrap bin? Now that’s efficiency! I know that feeling of panic that happens when you have a stamping accident just as the final seconds are ticking down! I love how resourceful you are in fixing it, and I’d have never known if you didn’t mention it! What a great layout, Johanna! Thanks for pumping up your adrenaline with us at As You See It Challenges!

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  5. You are very kind and I really appreciate your comments. Thanks! I often leave scraps sitting on my desk as on occasion something happens to make me figure out an idea for using them. I like using them rather than wasting a lot of paper or card stock.


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