Embossed Floral


Right now I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or even whether I should be posting this card plus the other one I’ve done. Glaring mistake here and I did the same error on the other one. And I pride myself on my language skills … LOL!

Upon thinking about it, I’ve decided to go ahead so you can laugh too and I’m even entering it into the JUGs challenge which called for an embossing folder, and is why I made it in the first place.

I started with a piece of turquoise card stock and using an older 3D folder from Spellbinders I ran it through my Big Shot. Then I went over the raised parts with some white ink and set it to dry. Using a favorite frame die from PaperRose I die cut the stitched frame and ran it through a folder from Sizzix called Stitched Sequins. I added a bit of ink to the raised bits here as well. In retrospect perhaps I should have left them white. Anyway I glued the two parts together and then added them to the card front. Using a die from SSS that includes an outline to the letters I die cut the word and tried using a Jennifer McGuire trick to get them straight before adding glue to the backs. The result isn’t bad but I definitely need practice in using the technique she showed on her video. After adding the word underneath the main panel I added a few pearls to the floral part and some other gems at the sides of the frame. I set out to do the photograph and realized my huge mistake. Can’t believe I did this not only once but twice! Maybe my eye surgery has made my brain wonky, haha.

Here is the 2nd card with the same error as the previous one. I’ve been thinking about this while cooking the evening meal and have decided to fix the mistakes before I send them to anyone. As peeling the letters off will damage the base card I will probably cover it up with another piece of CS but I’m not sure yet. As well I’m not 100% sure I really like the results of either card. I really wanted to give the ideas that J. McGuire did in her recent tutorial a try, but mine certainly don’t have a wow factor that others I’ve seen do. Oh well – it is good to try and neither card is bin worthy. I’m sure I can redeem them before mailing, but perhaps not until after I’ve moved. For now I’m sharing to give others a laugh.

16 thoughts on “Embossed Floral

  1. LOL…Johanna…I feel your pain and your laughter. I look first then read then look again. I was so taken with your backgrounds that I almost missed your letters. Well at least it’s not F I E N D! I understand about the Jennifer M. technique too. My attempt was not a wow for me but I guess that’s why she’s a professional. I really do love the backgrounds and laughed along with you. You are a sport for sharing.

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    1. Reading your comments gave my mind a nice lift. I’m glad I posted my mistake and chuckled at your play on a misspelling. Thanks my dear friend.

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  2. I looked at those amazing backgrounds and never noticed your “mistake”. I love someone who can laugh at themselves. Thanks for sharing your little mishaps. Just so you know, my brain was wonky long before my eye surgery. lol

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    1. Thanks Gerry – the past couple of days have been crazy and this has been the first chance I’ve had to say thank to everyone. In general I’m not good at laughing at myself, but doing this mistake had to be laughed at.


    1. thanks Jan. I’ll fix the mistakes when I have time to do it. In the meantime at least I managed to craft a few cards while I had the chance.


  3. I’m going with you did it on purpose to make us all realize how fiendishly wonderful you are my friend. Thanks for letting us chuckle along with you. It is a beautiful card. If it bugs you, do your FRIEND on another white piece and layer over the top. No one need ever know, well, if you delete this. 😉

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    1. Between you and Gayle using the same word (Fiend) I’ve had a good chuckle so thanks for that. I may use your suggestion to fix things when I get the chance.


  4. I’m only here to look at your embossing, Johanna, and it’s lovely on both cards. I didn’t notice the misspelling but I’d just pull off the embossed panel and put it on another card. We’ve all done that a time or two. Thanks for sharing your card with us at Just Us Girls.


  5. Both card designs look great. I love your embossed panels with the swipe of ink on the raised parts. If your panels are not easily removable, covering up the error with another greeting panel is a great idea. The rest of both of the card designs is wonderful, and the recipients will definitely enjoy receiving them!

    We’ve all done this at one time or another! The father’s day cards I made last year for my dad and father-in-law had inked background panels with french script stamped on them, and I adhered them upside down. Of course I didn’t see it until the cards were completely assembled, and I ended up having to redo them as I had used lots of glue (instead of tape) and couldn’t salvage the pieces. To laugh or cry… that thought crossed my mind at the time as well!

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    1. Thanks Lisa – I can just imagine your dismay at the cards you had errors on. I’ll fix these eventually, but timing is now a challenge so they’ll be stored until I’m able to concentrate on crafting once more.


  6. Oh how funny! I love that you had the good nature to post them anyway! They are very pretty cards. Love the embossing. Thanks for playing with Just Us Girls!

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  7. Thanks for the comment. I posted them so anyone who might be new to crafting can see that even those who have been doing it a long time make mistakes. I’ll fix them eventually, but for now they will be stored as my upcoming move is now pressing so no more crafting time available.


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