The Big Picture

#598 Colour Week

As I wasn’t totally happy with my challenge entry at JUG’s yesterday, I decided to have another go and this is the result. In fact I’ve been playing quite a bit with various ideas using the puzzle die I’ve just acquired. It is from Hero Arts and I’ve had some fun with it. I’ll add some of the others I’ve made later this week. This particular idea came from something seen on Pinterest, but I can’t tell you who did it originally as the photo doesn’t follow any links. Whoever you are thanks for the inspiration.

I liked the sentiment a lot so I recreated it on my computer and printed it. As you can see I used the challenge colours on the puzzle die and cut them out. Then I used a die set I’ve had for a while, but cannot remember the brand, to cut a small frame. Added some plastic to that and using foam tape mounted it onto the background piece leaving an opening to add the puzzle pieces. Once the pieces were inside I sealed the opening and added this to a card front. It is like a shaker except that I stuffed it so full of the pieces they don’t actually move about which, in a way, was what I wanted. The PP background is an old scrap I’ve had forever and it fit the colours so was perfect here. Added a few gems and considered it finished. I’m much happier with this entry than with the other one. The only annoyance is I can’t seem to get good photos yet. I don’t have the set up I used in my last craft room and until this one is completed photos are a bit hit and miss. All the cabinets and hardware were delivered today so we are getting close to having it installed and finished! Can hardly wait.

12 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Great card. I love the puzzle pieces and how you turned it into a sort of shaker. I’ve been on the fence about that die – you’ve given me some good inspiration.

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    1. The die is great as the pieces stay slightly attached together so it can be used in different ways. I pulled them apart for this card. Saw quite a few ideas on Pinterest using various puzzle dies. I’ll post what I’ve made later so you can see. Thanks for the comments.


  2. Johanna, you made me laugh with your shaker that doesn’t really shake. Fantastic card with the sentiment and all the colorful pieces. It’s exciting that you’re getting closer to getting your craft room put together! You’ll have to post pictures when it’s done.

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    1. I’m so excited about the craft room and will post pictures for sure when it is done. I made my hubby laugh when I said I have more storage than I imagined and perhaps some of it won’t get used so maybe I should go on a spending spree for new stuff. All joking aside it will be great to have my space once more. Glad you like the card.


    1. Glad you like it, but I can’t take complete credit for the idea as it was something seen on Pinterest that inspired it.


    1. I really liked the sentiment and have found several others that would be great with a puzzle card. Glad you like it.


  3. Thanks Gerry – in a way I didn’t want it to move around too much as the pieces get bunched up. As well shakers aren’t something I do well at the best of times so the fact this worked is a bonus.


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