Repurposed Store Bought Card

Sometimes we receive a store bought card that is too pretty to throw away and a challenge to cut up and use in a different way. This card is made from one of those I received last year. Initially I couldn’t decide on how to use it but found a video by Lisa Curcio on YouTube: and that made me wonder if doing a tunnel card would work out. I’ve never done one before although always like the way they look. After reviewing the video I took the plunge and die cut the center pieces from the card front. Then I reassembled them as shown by Lisa. I used infinity dies from HeroArts to get my circles. I added everything to a new card front and think it is a good way to reuse a store bought card. I may do more of them.

And just so everyone is aware, I don’t cheat and add my name to any repurposed cards. They aren’t my creations and I won’t claim them as such even though I change them a lot. It is just a great way to recycle something which is why I do it.

6 thoughts on “Repurposed Store Bought Card

  1. Your repurposed card turned out great. I love that focal image and the layering of dies. Thanks for sharing the link to check out.


  2. This is a great way to repurpose a card. Depending on how much you use of it, you can put your name on it, as you made something new from it. I’m going to have to watch the video and see how this is done. It really looks great.


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