Poinsettia Wreath


I think this is the first time I’ve entered into this particular challenge and this card is another one I needed to fix due to poor stamping. Using my Penny Black Wreath stamp I heat embossed it after stamping. Unfortunately I didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten a good impression so the end result wasn’t great. I left it for a day or two knowing that if I gave myself time I would come up with a way to use it. I had the small poinsettia dies (by Sue Wilson) out along with some scraps of gold and red papers so I cut them as well as a few leaves and placed them as you see on the card. Then I used a sentiment stamp I’ve had for a while but not used before (from Paper Wishes or Hot off the Press I think) and added it by tucking it underneath some of the flowers. I added a small bow made using embroidery thread. After adding this panel to the gold I glued it all to the red card front. The red card stock is the same as the darker red on one of the flowers but it looks much darker in the photo than in R.L. If you had seen the wreath before I added the flowers you would likely have thrown it away, but as most of you know, I hate to throw things away and often find a way to use them. As this challenge is a flower challenge this card seemed perfect to enter.

12 thoughts on “Poinsettia Wreath

  1. Johanna, if anyone could save a card it would be you. The wreath has an abstract look to it and your additional die cuts made it very festive.

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    1. Yes it is kind of abstract and very wispy. Not one you can fussy cut successfully. Glad you like my save. I always laugh at myself because I get a bit OCD about mistakes.


  2. Sometimes it’s good to just walk away and come back another day. Your flowers were the perfect solution and no one would know the stamping wasn’t perfect if you hadn’t mentioned it. Great fix and another card for your stash.

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    1. Thanks Judy – I’ve learned to let things simmer in my head before continuing. I often come up with a solution if I don’t stress about it.


  3. The center part of the wreath is barely there because I didn’t press hard enough. Probably a bad hand day as this happens when my hands are sore. I figured that adding flowers on top hides the patchiness and gives the wreath a much needed splash of colour. I’m glad you like it.


  4. Okay, I really like this! That is a great wreath image and you dressed it up beautifully. No one would ever know you had problems with it. I’m with Judy on walking away when something is just awful to me. It’s interesting what our brains and God inspire when we aren’t thinking about it. (It’s just remembering those when we get a chance to get back to it.)

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