G’Day Mate

Game #209: 1/9th + Favourite Animal

Due to construction going on in the house right now, I didn’t think I would be able to do much creating this week. However when the old countertops were removed yesterday we found some hidden issues and before we can continue they have to be dealt with. What was supposed to be 3-4 days without a kitchen will now, likely be at least 3-4 weeks. What a pain, and we have to figure out how we shall manage that long without a functioning kitchen. Such is life and the trials and tribulations of doing any kind of renovation.

So here we are – I managed to play a bit this morning and have made a card for the AAA challenge. Using only 1/9th of the card isn’t easy, but I managed it. My favorite animal is actually an elephant, but I don’t have any stamps small enough that I could use. My hubby is an Aussie and I nicknamed him Kangaroo, but again those stamps are a bit big so I chose a Koala bear instead. And anyway, my true favorite animal is my hubby, so representing him with any Aussie image works. haha. Initially I tried to stencil the background over the masked stamped image but I didn’t like it so instead just sponged some colour for the sky using speckled egg and scattered straw inks. I still didn’t really like it as I couldn’t get close enough to the stamped image to prevent ugly edges, then I had the bright idea to die cut the image out of a subtle patterned scrap of CS. This worked and I liked it much better. I added the sentiment at close to the same angle as the image. Stamp set is from a Hero Arts kit.

10 thoughts on “G’Day Mate

  1. Great job! Looks like the perfect size for the challenge. You will figure out a way to make the loss of kitchen work. Possibly small appliances and a mini fridge would do the job.

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I had prepared for 3 days but this long is going to be a challenge. I’ll work it out. Fridge is still okay and I do have a crock pot so I can make stews. Hubby has cleaned the BBQ outside so we can grill and even cook some stuff on the burner there too.


  2. Cute card and perfect for the challenge. What a bummer to be without a kitchen that long. My slow cooker and microwave would get quite a workout, but being without a sink and garbage disposal would not be fun.

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    1. My microwave and small toaster oven are getting the workout at the moment. Having no sink is a challenge but we use the laundry room sink and tap. I keep a damp cloth handy for wiping my hands between prepping something and doing another job. thanks for the comment on my card.


  3. Oh my gosh, this is so cute. You gotta love those cute little koala bears. Can’t imagine how frustrating it is to be without a kitchen that long. Hang in there.

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    1. Glad you like it Gerry. I have to say doing something this small is challenging. So far I’m managing the kitchen situation but it is somewhat frustrating.


  4. I’m just gonna say, “Make the most of not having a kitchen!” Barbeque, crockpot, eating out, whatever works. I bet your kitchen will be wonderful when you are done.
    Your card is great! I can’t imagine only using that small amount of space and making it good, but you did it!

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    1. We are eating out a bit more but I still prefer to eat at home as I can control calories and eat healthy when we do. Glad you like the card. I had 3 tries at this before I was happy. Small like this is actually quite hard to do.


  5. Glad you were able to join this challenge but Oh my! with your kitchen delay. The silhouette koala looks cool in your blended box. I agree with Golda…crockpots!

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  6. Thanks Gayle. I had planned several meals for the initial timeframe. Obviously I have to rethink things but a slow cooker works well and hubby likes those kind of meals.


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