Smile, Laugh, Shine

Just Us Girls #629 – Photo Week

Although it is photo week at JUG’s they made a small error and put word week on the photo. Made me chuckle as the image is all stones painted with words. I went through my stamp sets and pulled out the mandala maker set by Rina K. Using various inks and stamps I randomly stamped the circles and then added the tiny flowers around them. I thought about colouring in some of the circles but decided against it and I’m glad I left it alone. The word die cuts are from a small set, but as with some of my stuff, it is a set without the brand name. Its a simple card, but I quite like it. Thanks for sharing your time with me today.

13 thoughts on “Smile, Laugh, Shine

  1. This is great for both the photo and the oops word challenge at JUGS. Very clever design and I really like the way you incorporated the circles and designs.

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    1. Thanks – it is funny that they made a small oops as that gave me the idea for the card. Even so I had no firm plan when I started and it evolved as I stamped.


    1. Thanks Judy. Recently I’ve decided to look at my stamps differently and use them more. I think I get stuck in my thinking and keeping everything as a set and only using them that way limits my creativity.


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