Mini Hello

Just Us Girls #535 – Trend Week

I had been playing with backgrounds on water colour paper but as mentioned in a previous post they didn’t work quite the way as intended. To rescue the larger piece I added colour burst powders over everything and then added some shimmer with both white and gold perfect pearls. It wasn’t quite enough and the panel was very dark so I decided to use glue and gold embossing heat setting to glam it up a bit. Once it was right I cut the piece up into smaller sections and this is one of them. I had the stitched rectangle on my desk and thought using it as the background would look good so I put them together. Sentiment is from the Vogue Vases set. Added some mizuhiki cord behind it and glued to the white card front. This morning when I designed and put it together I hadn’t even looked at any challenges so was pleasantly surprised to see that it fits the one at JUGs this week.

15 thoughts on “Mini Hello

    1. I had seen something like this on Pinterest a long time ago and it has often popped into my mind as inspiration for a card. It has taken me forever to actually follow through on the thoughts. I still have about 4 small bits of the background so can use them in other projects.


  1. What a fun one! I love that you didn’t do it for a challenge, but it worked perfectly. Glad you were able to find a way to use your background piece in a way that made you happy.

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  2. Thanks. It was a bit of luck that it fit this challenge. Sometimes I deliberately don’t post a card for a while in case a challenge comes along that it fits. This way I can never be accused of back linking. I was on a roll today and have finished 5 cards. Not all are posted but tomorrow I can do 2.


  3. I was just going to go watch a TV program when I saw this comment. Thanks and I’m glad you like it.


  4. Thanks – I still have a few more bits to play with and have another idea I may try later.


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